Sustainable Blue Economies

Protecting our oceans through monetising sustainable blue economies

Healthy oceans are essential for the well-being of all life on Earth and oceans have long been recognised as one of humanity’s most important natural resources.
  • Over half of the world’s oxygen is produced by the ocean and it absorbs 50 times more carbon dioxide than our atmosphere. As it covers 70 percent of the Earth’s surface, it is one of the biggest drivers for regulating our climate as well as weather patterns and holds 97% of our planet’s water.
  • More than three billion people globally rely on coastal and marine biodiversity for their livelihoods and the ocean fulfils an important role in feeding the planet’s growing human population.
  • The combined assets of the ocean are valued at over $24 trillion while the annual gross marine product of the ocean, at USD2.5 trillion, is equivalent to the gross domestic product of the world’s eighth largest economy. There is a well-documented connection between ocean health and issues related to economic development and governments across the globe are increasingly looking to the ocean to drive economic growth.
Challenges such as over-exploitation, climate change, pollution, ocean acidification and a simple lack of awareness of sustainable ocean stewardship techniques continue to put ocean resources at risk

Their vastness have made oceans appear to be limitless sources of food, livelihoods, transportation and recreation. However, in recent times we have begun to reach the limits of the oceans. The irreplaceable environmental, social and economic value as well as future potential of this new frontier will be squandered if the ocean and its resources are not used and managed in a sustainable way.

Against this background, the principals and anchor investors of the Oceans Finance Company (OFC) have applied their experience with regards to fund management, infrastructure investment, blended finance structures, asset management as well as climate focussed investment to protect and grow these invaluable natural resources.

The OFC business model that is designed to:

Protect our oceans
Through sustainable, financially viable investment
In a manner that delivers demonstrable and verifiable environmental and socio-economic benefits
As well as increasing the asset value of a country’s oceans
While also providing appropriate risk adjusted returns for its investors and funders

OFC is a scalable and financially sustainable initiative that focusses on protecting our oceans so as to enable the sustainable use of ocean resources towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals related to economic growth, improved livelihoods and jobs, hunger, health, energy, sustainable communities and global partnerships.

Socially Equitable. Environmentally Sustainable. Economically Viable.